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Being specialists in solid wood furniture, we are naturally drawn into dining experiences. The modest cafe table tends to be a detail forgotten. We believe that bonds are formed over the experiences we have at tables and a cafe table is a critical piece we commonly interact with yet is often a component that not much thought is put into. We love being involved in helping elevate the dining experience. Often it is through cafe tables at various heights and sizes or larger tables that become a focal point in their restaurant, bar or lunchroom. Our solid wood furniture can stand up to the daily grind as well as be spot refinished when necessary without ever having to leave the building.

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BanQUette and Benching

Benches and banquettes form staples of the restaurant industry. We are able to create a lasting impression with solid wood. It provides an elegant space to dine.

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Tables and Bars

Larger tables provide a gathering place. Whether it be in a bar or a coffee shop, the large tables are always coveted.

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Bistro or Cafe

Bistro tables? Cafe tables? Whatever you call them, we have them in squares, rectangles, and rounds with a variety of bases to choose from.

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A touch of custom

When it comes to details and custom dimensions, we make it work. With designers and engineers on staff, we will make it look good and hold up over time.

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