Your Creative COllaborator

Lock & Mortice is a Vancouver-based multi-disciplinary studio and furniture manufacturer. We design, engineer, and create beautiful solid wood pieces for residences and commercial spaces. We work closely with designers and architects to bring concepts to life.

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Innovative Solutions

We have designed and developed a hardware-free joinery system called the TwistLock, making the set up of our furniture simple and elegant. It also allows for multiple leg positions in some of our products. This is just one example of how we embrace technology in our process, allowing us a level of accuracy and consistency that simply put would not be possible by hand.

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Design and Manufacturing Consultation

With combined industry experience of over 35 years, we offer solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. You can choose from our existing furniture collection, order a custom size or inquire about a completely custom piece of furniture. We are firstly a design studio and collaborate closely with our clients. Because we design, engineer and manufacture all of our products in house, we have better control of the end product. With the ability to scale production but also give care and attention to a unique piece, we have an understanding of the process from end to end.


Project Management

We take care of the specifics. Managing all the details of the furniture package, from concept drawings to final delivery. We stay in close conversation with you along the way to ensure there are no unexpected surprises.

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Holistic Design

From the elegant simplicity of our unique TwistLock table legs to our intentionally quiet design ethic that enhances a space without dominating it, each member of our team brings a unique skill set and perspective to the creation of minimal furniture. Since our inception in 2012, we have strictly adhered to an aesthetic of uncompromising quality and principled sustainability.

We feel an important component of environmental responsibility is to buy less and buy better; to show respect for the resources required to make our products. As closely as we can, we employ a zero waste policy; all off-cuts and unused materials are repurposed or recycled. Our finishing process uses commercial grade natural oils and wax with no off-gassing or VOCs.