Lock & Mortice was founded in 2012 as a custom woodwork and product development company with the focus of pursuing innovation in the furniture industry. As time and experience have shaped that vision, we have discovered that what is most important to us is providing honest and subtle furniture that serves its purpose without drama and ages with grace.

This type of furniture is only possible through innovation and continuous refinement. Technology in manufacturing has changed the landscape of how things are made. Having said that, it is important to us to maintain a balance of modern processes and traditional methodology. The implementation of computer-controlled machinery allows us to achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy and creativity in our design, however, as wood is a natural material and no two pieces are alike, the need for human judgment and flexibility is equally important to the success of the end-product.

We are thrilled to have introduced the Essential furniture collection. We have been intentional with the process, refined the details, tempered the noise, and paired it back to what is essential. As our furniture line expands, we continue to focus on innovation and subtlety.


We use hand-applied finish that penetrates the surface of the wood adding hardness and stain resistance to the wood itself rather than forming a superficial barrier on top. This highlights the beauty of the wood grain and maintains the tactile connection.

Each of the wood finishes we offer have been formulated to preserve the natural beauty of the wood itself, not alter it. We feel this adds longevity to our products and insulates them from trends; which can so quickly render furniture dated and contribute to a “throw away” culture.