Lock & Mortice is a Vancouver-based furniture designer and manufacturer that creates solid wood pieces for residences and commercial spaces. The company was founded with the singular goal of creating modern furniture that welcomes the passing of time. Products of enduring relevance and utility.

This type of furniture is only possible through innovation and continuous refinement. Technology in manufacturing has changed the landscape of how things are made. Having said that, it is important to us to maintain a balance of modern processes and traditional methodology. The implementation of computer-controlled machinery allows us to achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy and creativity in our design; however, as wood is a natural material and no two pieces are alike, the need for human judgment and flexibility is equally important to the success of the end-product.

Products of enduring relevance and utility.

The Values that Guide Us

We want to bring you a genuine connection to the product; an appreciation for its natural beauty, feel and subtle changing appearance over time. Wood is a living thing; each piece is uniquely different and is meant to be experienced and valued for itself, unaltered. We intentionally craft classic, minimal designs insulated from trends.


Honesty in both our furniture and our business. We make great furniture with no drama or ego. Our designs are simple on purpose to make your space work without trying to be the centre of attention. We conduct our business with honesty and openness, with a desire to build a community of likeminded people working towards a common goal.


More than just environmental sustainability, we also are heavily invested in our community. We believe in growing the local economy and keeping manufacturing right here in Canada. It is our mandate to care for the environment and protect the earth, a place we love so deeply and to do our part in protecting the world’s natural resources. We feel an important component of environmental responsibility is to buy less and buy better; to show respect for the resources required to make our products. We hand select our materials for every project, big and small. As closely as we can, we employ a zero waste policy; all off-cuts and unused materials are repurposed, recycled, or used in our wood stoves. Our finishing process uses natural oils and wax with no off-gassing or VOCs as to keep our employees and environment safe. Our woods are hand selected from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified sources. We are ready for LEED, with the ability to help your project earn credits for Material Reuse, Regional Materials and Certified Wood.


Tell us we can’t, and we will. We have created custom joints, one of a kind hinges, and unique lighting solutions. Our ability to think outside the box when it comes to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of solid wood furniture is derived from our multi-discipline experience and a deep understanding and intimacy with the material.